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Thread: Breastfeeders Vs. Doctors

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    Angry Breastfeeders Vs. Doctors

    Okay. I have read and experienced this trend... "Your child is a bit on the small side" "We need to keep track of his/her weight." I want to know how this can be resolved. With LLL, WHO, UNICEF, can't someone tell these doctors something????!!!! I'm tired of feeling like I'm not being a good mom. I at least spend time with my ds, I don't dump him in some contraption so he can bottlefeed himself. This is so frustrating, then to hear so many other mothers are going through this drives me nuts. Someone please tell me what can be done about this big problem (breastfed baby weight). Do they need the WHO growth chart instead of the enfamil growth chart? What is it???????????
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    I definitely feel ya there. My little girl is pretty petite (21 pounds at 21 months old) and I get crap from doctors all the time about her weight. I asked one doctor if he was using weight charts for breastfed babies or just general ones and he told me it didn't matter and there was no difference
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    Maybe get a different pedi?

    I haven't experienced these issues (yet- touch wood) with my pedi. He's been very encouraging with our BF and very impressed with how much DS has gained since birth.
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    We have the opposite trouble my pedi says I need to feed less... not because of her weight but just in general. However she is a bit on the thick side! 22 pounds at 11 months old
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