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Thread: Beer for increasing supply?

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    Default Beer for increasing supply?

    Has anyone tried drinking one beer a day to increase supply? Just curious...

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    Default Re: Beer for increasing supply?

    No, not to increase supply ..... what I heard its that you could try bear yeast or dark beer... there was someone who said that her supply went up a bit after taking a beer..... I would have a beer on the weekends or may be a family reunion but didnt notice any difference in my supply.....

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    Default Re: Beer for increasing supply?

    Not beer, but I did try brewer's yeast after hearing it could increase supply. No luck for me though.
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    Default Re: Beer for increasing supply?

    I have never tried it. But have heard of others doing it.

    Check this out for more info http://www.llli.org/FAQ/alcohol.html
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    Default Re: Beer for increasing supply?

    I've heard that too, but I hate the taste of beer...

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    Default Re: Beer for increasing supply?

    I personally think that beer increases supply- but you can use the non-alcoholic kind if you're going to have one every night. I sprinkle brewer's yeast in my oatmeal every morning for breakfast too.

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