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Thread: Breast refusal - help!!!

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    Exclamation Breast refusal - help!!!

    Can anyone help us - my wife is devestated that having failed to succeed breast feeding our first two children, that our third child aged 13 weeks has totally refused to feed from her and will only accept bottle feeds.

    Baby D was almost three weeks early and failed to gain weight over her first few weeks. Under pressure form all arround (especially her mother!) we felt forced to supplement her with a bottle over night. This worked well, with baby D putting on weight at a steady rate until about two weeks ago when she suddenly started to refuse the breast. Arching back, screaming (and I mean screaming!!!!!) until eventually offered bottle - then fed without a problem.

    Tried feeding in warm baths , lying down in bed over night etc. had some limited success at first, but now total refusal.

    My wife is deeply effected by this and sees it as a rejection from Baby D - I feel so helpless as she uncontrollably sobs. I can see her slipping into post natal depression and I don't know what to do.

    Can anyone suggest any way to get Baby D back on to the breast? We are desparate. Thank you
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    Default Re: Breast refusal - help!!!

    welcome to the forums!
    heres a link with some ideas to get the baby back to the breast.


    heres a link that talkes about alternative feeding.
    So that baby gets all it's sucking needs met at the breast

    have you looked up your local leader?
    she's around to help!
    look in the gray bar at the top
    pick usa
    and then your state!

    good luck!
    if you have any other ?'s let us know

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