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Thread: i read the stikky

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    Question i read the stikky

    so i have a question about the stikky: useful information about oversupply issue. it says:

    It takes more than just an efficient nurser to get to the hindmilk. It also requires time and patience on the mother's part and education as to the importance of allowing the baby to stay on one breast long enough to get that hindmilk. The obvious question is, how long does it take? According to Woolridge and Fisher, a baby who is satisfied and comfortably full will come off the breast by himself

    but my question is my son comes off by himself (i burp him then) and then he wants back on or so it seems. hes fine if i put him on or will be fine if i leave him off (well ok sometimes) so my question is do i keep him on the same side or switch sides? sometimes he unlatches frequently in which i keep him on that same side.

    also how do you know if you have an over supply? i could pump (until no milk comes out anymore) if he hasnt eaten in awhile and as soon as im done he will want to eat and still be able to feed him. this is totally the opposite of my first child. and why is an oversupply bad. it seems better to have more then not enough. also if he spits up ALOT no matter how much he burps could that mean hes eating too much? or could it mean somehing else?

    thanx for reading. im off to feed.
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    Default Re: i read the stikky

    There is a list of symptoms of oversupply here:
    Does anything sound familiar?

    Why is oversupply bad? It can cause problems with baby being able to feed well and/or digest the milk well and it can cause pain for the mother. The link above offers some more detailed info.


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    Default Re: i read the stikky

    so i think i have an oversupply. there were a bunch that sounded familiar. he just started to get fussy this evening which isnt normal for him. which i thought could of been the weather (being so hot) so he wouldnt latch on which also wasnt normal i took my kids for a walk and when i got home i tried again this time i kept him on one side till he was done and fell asleep. abit later he wokeup and i fed him on the other side. was this okay? he actually fell asleep.

    ok one more question. how can you tell if the baby is done on the first side? especially if there is too much milk. like when he fed just awhile ago i still had milk. should i pump it out if he just wont wanna eat anymore? or would that just incourage the over supply?

    thanx for the link it helped alot
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    Default Re: i read the stikky

    Pumping after feedings will increase your milk supply, so you probably shouldn't do this. To make sure baby gets enough of the fatty hindmilk, you should probably nurse 2-3 times on the same side before switching. Most people set a time limit (anywhere from 2-8 hours I think is usual, depending on how severe the problem is and how often baby feeds).
    You can tell that baby is done for sure when they let go. Alot of babies are finished nursing when they fall asleep, but often they will still nurse while sleeping. They will let go by themselves when they have had all they want, so there is no need to unlatch them when you think they are finished. they will let you know. You may still have to unlatch in the middle of a feed to burp baby though.
    If you need further info about oversupply, you should prob. call a local LLL leader or a LC. In fact, you may want to do this anyway to confirm OS and get suggestions.
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