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Thread: need help getting sore

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    Default need help getting sore

    me and DD (21 mo) are just now passing the 48 hour mark with no nursing i think she is going to be fine now but im starting to feel very full and sore any one know of any fast dry up methods???

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    Default Re: need help getting sore

    How many times in 24 hours was toddler nursing?
    cold turkey is never good on mom.
    IF you feal like you should hand express do.
    Get in a warm shower, that helps too.
    Many moms have some milk for many months after weaning.

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    Default Re: need help getting sore

    I started to feel a full and a little achy about 5-6 days after weaning. It has taken a couple of days, but I am feeling better now. This morning, the fullness is decreasing and so is the tenderness. I didn't do anything to try to quicken it up, but I just thought I'd let you know that it took me a few days. good luck!
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    Default Re: need help getting sore

    Hi, I was told cabbage leaves and sage work great. HTH

    Cabbage Compresses
    Published studies and anecdotal reports recommend using the leaves from the common cabbage, as a compress to reduce swelling and milk production. References to cabbage for drying milk date back to the late 1800ís. The natural ingredients in cabbage decrease tissue congestion by improving the blood flow in the area. Herbalists believe that cabbage has both antibiotic and anti irritant properties.
    Cabbage is not recommended for individuals allergic to sulfa or cabbage, or if the skin is broken (i.e., cracked, bleeding or blistered nipples).
    Instructions for use: Cabbage Cure

    The common kitchen herb, Sage, when used as a tea, is a powerful agent for drying milk.
    Instructions for use:
    You can purchase sage tea at a health food store or make your own from powdered sage purchased at any grocery store: Use 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon of powdered Sage in 1 cup of hot water.
    Sage has a very strong flavor. You may want to sweeten the tea to hide the taste (or add something like Tang flavored drink mix).
    Drink one of these teas every 4 or 6 hours. Usually 3 or 4 cups is enough to dry milk completely. Don't use this method if you are allergic to Sage.
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