I had officially stopped for 16 days, but for the last 3 weeks of the BFing I was down to two brief sessions per day - first thing in the a.m. and at bedtime. But I know he was getting hardly any breast milk out of me at those feedings because afterwards he was still starving and would take 6 ounces of formula to fill him up. I only EBF the first month or so then started supplementing due to some medical problems I had. We were doing half and half (approx) from about one month til 3.5 months, then he started eating more and so he got more and more formula. It's kind of been a gradual thing. After I stopped I just started feeling like I really needed to give him some breast milk. It's weird. I felt compelled to do it. I certainly didn't miss breastfeeding (never liked it that much to begin with!) but just want my baby to have the benefit of breast milk, however small an amount I can offer.

I did try Mother's Milk tea back when he was a month old to try and boost my supply, but it ended up giving him horrendous gas. It smelled SOOOO bad and he cried all the time. I'm taking just fenugreek capsules now. I really do think that stuff helps! I take six 610mg capsules per day. It makes me pretty queasy. I also started eating oatmeal once or twice a day. Don't know if that helps or not. But it's good for me anyway. I try to drink loads of water. I hope it gets better. I'd like to be giving him more than an ounce a day by the time he's six months old (Aug 10). That's my goal, anyway.

FWIW, I had a PIS too but find the Medela Lactina that I rented to be better for me. It sucks harder, and I never had easy let-down, so I really need that.