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Thread: what to do with my 10 month old !!

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    Default what to do with my 10 month old !!

    For the past couple of weeks my little girl has been waking multiple times during the night for feeds and i am exhausted !!! She was sleeping in the bed with me and had been getting feeds on demand . I had only been bfing her at bedtime or during the night . I decided to try to get her sleeping in her own bed and to start weaning her , so the first night i bf her put her in the cot and let her scream it out only feeding her once later on . Last night i gave her formula and she did not wake all night , to my complete shock . However i am now really engorged and a bit weepy . What i want is to bf her before bed till my supply is down and then stop , i feel this way i can say goodbye to bfing and not suffer the pain of engorgement . Is this wise/fair to do considering she is taking formula for me at bedtime now ? will i confuse her ? is it possible that the old system could return ? Is it too late to implement this sytem now because i have not fed her for nearly over nearly 36 hours ( will engorgement get worse ) ?

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    Default Re: what to do with my 10 month old !!

    The only thing that I can tell you its that your body will get use to the new demand and in a couples of days the supply will diminish and to the point that you wont feel engorged... The way milk production works is supply and demand... if there is slow demand there will be slow supply.... give some time to your body to adjuste to the new demand....

    Not that you are asking, but the baby till little to wean (I think )
    and I feel you when you say that Bfeeding is exosting, but getting a bottle, pouring water, powder and warming up a bottle to me is al lot more work ... I am saying that cause I am a bottle feeding mom who thinks bfeeding is easier....

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    Default Re: what to do with my 10 month old !!

    How old is your baby, Seres?

    It is NOT too late to begin nursing again! You wouldn't confuse her by nursing her.

    If not nursing directly, I would suggest hand expressing or pumping since weaning "cold turkey" could lead to complications such as mastitis or breast abcess.

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