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Thread: Are my sweet potatoes bad?

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    Default Are my sweet potatoes bad?

    I went out to the fresh foods market and bought some organic veggies to cook for my lo. Well, that was over a week ago and life just got busy, now the sweet potatoes are kind of wrinkly on the ends. Should I throw them out or go ahead and bake them. Thanks!
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    I have no idea but I assume that if that wasn't their original fresh state they may not be bad but may be old. If they are old they might not have the same amount of nutrients and vitamins so it may not be a good idea to make them for your little one anymore. I usually buy my son his fruit/veggies on the day that I'm going to make them or on a Fri so I can make them during the weekend. And I only buy about one fruit since one makes about four servings, like that he'll be set for about a week, nearly two and I know its fresh.
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    I've still used them after that long, since potatoes in general last a long time. They were probably in a root cellar much longer than a week before you bought them, since it's not really sweet potato season, anyway. If you're concerned, you could cut the ends off before you use them. If anything, the texture might be affected, but if you're pureeing them, it wouldn't make a difference.
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    I would go ahead and bake them. I would think that if the ends had gone bad they would be discolored when you cut them open. If they look ok then try tasting before giving it to LO. I've had some that turned out with a funny taste before.

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