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Thread: Finger foods?

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    Default Finger foods?

    When did you start little pieces of soft food? What did you give your LO? Is almost 7 months ok to start soft pieces of banana or avocado?

    Also, when did you give LO cheerios? And I don't want to give regular cheerios. Anyone use any organic alternatives?

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    Default Re: Finger foods?

    My DD started eating stage 3's at around 8 months old. The first stage 3 was mostly puree with tiny bits of fruit. If your LO gages on those it's not time. After LO is used to that just make the chunk bigger and bigger. My DD couldn't eat bananas until she was 10.5months after she got a few more top teeth. I wouldn't start cheerios until LO can hadle larger chunks. I give my DD Nature's Promise O's they are organic. There are any organic versions out there. Or you could give LO puffs they disolve faster. You LO will let you know when he/she is ready to move on. Keep trying. My DD still doesn't do well with stringy food such as carrots or beans. They have to be really well cooked and soft. But she eats just about everything now. I thought it would never happen and then one day she got really mad at me and didn't want to eat anything from a spoon, then I gave up put a banana on her tray and she picked it up and bit a chunk of. Now she can eat half a banana in like 3 minutes. They grow up so fast. Good Luck and be patient!
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    Smile Re: Finger foods?

    We did only Organice for the first 1 year. After that we use as much organics as possible but will permit non-organic foods if they are low on the contamination list. We also only feed organic Chicken and Turkey (no beef or seafoods yet). For protien - her favorite is Kidney beans!

    You can get a wallet guide and see a ranking of foods on this site:

    12 Most Contaminated
    Sweet Bell Peppers
    Grapes (Imported)

    12 Least Contaminated
    Sweet Corn (Frozen)
    Sweet Peas (Frozen)
    Kiwi Fruit
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    Thanks Marymud! That list is great! I hate the idea of giving non-organic food to DD. I try to buy as much organic for the whole family as I can, but certain foods are not always available. We joined a CSA for the summer, so we will have local, organic produce this year ! Too bad the weather has been uncooperative, so I'm not sure how great of a season it will be . Thanks again!
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