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Thread: Is weaning supposed to ache?

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    Default Is weaning supposed to ache?

    I am so tired and so busy at work these days that I am not able to pump at regular intervals. So I seem to be in-advertantly weaning. My supply has dropped. My LO seems to be OK with it. I can't possibly add a pumping session. I am too tired at night and there is so much to do. I think we did pretty good so far; 18 months, working full time with a commute, not too bad. We still nurse often in the evening and at night, but my breasts seem to ache a whole lot these days. And it seems to take less and less milk to cause the ache. Is this typical of the weaning process?
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    Does the ache seem to be from engorgement?
    You'll probably want to keep an eye out for plugged ducts and mastitis - no fun and a breast infection pretty much stops you in your tracks.

    Here is some more info on that.

    Also LLL on weaning, some things that might help you out.
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