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Thread: any idea.

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    Default any idea.

    Well you girls have been great support and I am happy to say that he is nursing without a shield .
    I was getting 3 oz at most on the days i couldn't get him to latch (back in the shield days lol)
    his first latch was saturday once
    sunday he was attached to me ALL day!! with expressing i only got 1.5 oz i believe only 6 bottles of formula for him that day. (4-5 oz)
    well monday he wanted nothing to do with me. I got him to latch with the shield twice
    then Tuesday it was an all day event again! and I got 2.5 oz of EBM as well
    then Wed all day again! YAY. and I got 3 oz of EBM. he had 6 formula bottles. less then he usually takes.

    this morning while expressing from my left, my right breast started to drip! that was something new!!! Let down I suppose ! I got 1.5 oz just with this morning.
    so far today I have 2.75 oz. and he has latched a couple times but really doesn't want me much. he has already had 5 bottles of formula

    Is this a growth spurt possibly that is making him eat more? or do you think he is really getting that much from me that he cuts down to only 6 bottles on a good day?

    I haven't been taking my fenugreek or blessed tristle because we thought we might be Pregnant but we are not. I also ran out of the fenugreek
    I ordered more today and started taking the blessed tristle again. hopefully it will keep growing. (my supply) but i am afraid of these little breaks he is taking every few days that they will keep my supply from growing lol

    is this what usually happens when relactating? the small strikes they take??

    thank you!!!
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    Default Re: any idea.

    Wish I could answer your question. I am behind you on the relactation time line. So far I have noticed my breasts have increased a little in size and when I pump I have like two drips as opposed to just beading at the nipple. I am 1 week and 4 days into this. Sound like I am getting somewhere?

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