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Thread: Teeth, ouch!

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    My son is five months old, he has had his two bottom teeth for over a month and never bit me until the past few days. Since this weekend he has bit down on me several times. I reponded with Ouch! When he is drowsy or going to sleep, he cries when I say ouch. He also does this when he is wide awake and when I say ouch he laughs at me. I think he enjoys the response. So, I have tried to just pay attenion to him really closely and when he looks like he going to stop nursing, I pull him away. If he does it a couple of times I have stopped nursing him and just let him wait until he is hungrier. If he is really hungry then he doesn't waste time nibbling on me. If anyone has any better suggestions I would really appreciate it. It really hurts when he bites and I don't know if I'll be able to make it when those top ones come in. I really want to make it until he is at least 1 year old.

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    I went through a similar situation with my son when he started getting teeth around 7 months old. One thing I found helpful was to stop him before he could bite me. If you watch, you will notice that he will stop sucking, and actually move your nipple to the front of his mouth where he can bite. If you stop him before he bites, as often as possible, eventually he will stop biting you.

    I wound up having to put my son down a few times and gently explaining that I do not like getting bitten and that we would try again later. It seemed like it was going to take forever for him to stop biting but eventually he did. He would also bite when he was bored or about done nursing or when he didn't really want to nurse.

    Now he is 14 months old and has all 8 front teeth! And no more biting. I know you will be able to get through this and help teach him not to bite you. It is hard though! I remember those days!

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