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Thread: Let down and strength of suck

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    Default Let down and strength of suck

    Can the strength of LO's suck determine the force of the let down? I have always had a very strong let down and lately LO has been choking while eating ( at the beginning of each breast ). But his suck ( he is 6 months now ) is also much stronger in the last little bit. So can his stronger suck produce and even stronger let down. It is really scary to see him choke and gag while eating. Not to mention we are both soaked with milk at the end of a feed because he has to come off to catch his breath. I would pump and bottle feed but he will not take the bottle. Suggestions??

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    Default Re: Let down and strength of suck

    Yes, a stronger suck can initiate a stronger let-down.

    Could you offer to nurse more frequently? That can be a big help.

    Here's some info:

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