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Thread: Where's the milk?

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    Default Where's the milk?

    On Wed I had some surgery and stopped BFing for 24 hours (but conitnued to pump) due to the anesthesia. I then re-started with some help yesterday and my LO seemed to do fine again. He has been sleeping a little longer at night and therefore I usually pump around 3 am. This morning when I got up to pump there was very little milk!!...my breasts felt full but very little came out. I sat there with the pump for about 15 minutes and then gave up. Usually I just turn the pump on and my milk comes gusshing out I can get at least 3 oz on each side most of the time.

    I've been taking Vicaden for the pain for 2.5 days now...could this be affecting my milk supply. Has anyone had experience with pain medication and BFing? The doc told me it was ok because that's what they give after a C-section...any input would be great...I'm worried my milk supply might go down, but if I don't take any medication then I can hardly sit up to feed my LO

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    Default Re: Where's the milk?

    I don't know about the meds, but I got a lot of milk when I initially started pumping (when baby was 4 weeks or so) but then when my supply evened out I wouldn't get very much.

    Sometime I wouldn't get a let down- for whatever reason (usually stress) but I just would try again either later in the day or the next day and it would usually work.

    I bet once you start to feel better things will go back to normal.

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    Default Re: Where's the milk?

    How old is your LO? What kind of surgery (I know that's a personal question, but it could have some bearing on what's going on)? What is your pain like? can you rate it on a scale of 0-10 with 0 being no pain at all and 10 being the worse pain you can imagine (worse than labor)?

    According to the kellymom website (which I LOVE), Vicodin is a moderately safe pain med to take while bf'ing. It shouldn't affect your milk supply, but it could make your LO a bit more sleepy than usual, and it can cause some constipation for both of you, which will resolve once you're off the medication. Nothing to worry about. Here's the link (look under "hydrocodone" which is the main ingredient in Vicodin--that and Tylenol).

    You may have a slight decrease in supply due to pain and stress. Surgery is a huge stressor, and milk supply AND letdown can be affected by this. Taking your pain meds should help with this problem. Being in a lot of pain will make it harder for your milk to let down. So you may just need to be patient with yourself. Relax as much as possible when you feed/pump, picture your milk gushing out, whatever helps.

    Depending on your LO's age and how long he's been sleeping longer at night, you may be able to just go with the flow and cut out your 3am pump. Is this new since the surgery? If so, keep pumping. If it's from before, just get a little sleep. The sleep will help you heal and help your milk supply. If he's older than newborn (6 weeks or more), he'll let you know when he wants that middle of the night feed again.

    Also, you might check with your doc about other pain med options if the Vicodin is making LO sleepy. Don't stop taking your meds until you talk to the doc, but can you add ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil)? Sometimes this helps with post-op pain so you don't need the Vic as often.

    Keep us posted!
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    Default Re: Where's the milk?

    I have nothing more to offer than the post above just a few hugs
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    Default Re: Where's the milk?

    Are you getting enough fluids to keep up your supply? I took vicodin after my c-section but that was the only time Hang in there.
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    Default Re: Where's the milk?

    From the description, it sounds like you have milk but you're not letting down well for the pump. Is this correct?

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