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Thread: Can one breast make more milk?

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    Default Can one breast make more milk?

    I have been pumping one day per week because I work in the office only that one day. I've started to notice that no matter when I pump during the day, one of my breasts gives out way more milk than the other. Is that possible? Or is it just that maybe that one responds better to the pump? Or maybe I need to wait longer pumping with the lesser-producing breast and I don't take the time?

    I've also noticed that my 3mo old DS prefers the breast that gives more milk at the pump. Which makes me wonder maybe I really don't make much milk on the other side and he knows that?

    I hate pumping, by the way- I wish I could just stay home all week, but I guess one day is better than 5 away from home!

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    Default Re: Can one breast make more milk?

    normal for one breast to make more milk, and the amount can change from day to day!

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    Default Re: Can one breast make more milk?

    My right breast makes twice as much as my left. My son also prefers the right one. I always try to have my son start on the left, less producing breast, at every feeding to make sure it is getting enough stimulation. But because that breast seems to have a delayed let down, many times I will switch him to the right one because he starts getting mad. Overall I am not worried about this, he is happy and healthy.

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    Default Re: Can one breast make more milk?

    Very normal. My left breast is my lazy breast. Sometimes just a little less than the right one. Sometimes half as much.

    And, at first my left breast was the good one. But something happened and the roles have been reversed.

    You can try nursing more on that side or continuing to pump that side a little longer than the right.

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    Default Re: Can one breast make more milk?

    Ditto here--my left breast produces about 1/2 as much and even if I start dd on the left she always has to finish on the right whereas if she starts on the right she always gets enough. I also have delayed letdown on the left, so often she gets mad when I start her on that side.

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    Default Re: Can one breast make more milk?

    Ok, same here but opposite sides. I usually can pump 5-6 oz from left side and only 1-2 from the right.

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