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Thread: prefering the bottle

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    Question prefering the bottle

    My DD is 15wks old and I have been back to work for the past 6 weeks. She now (for the past week) wont nurse during the day, she will only take a bottle. She nurses just fine at night. I was just wondering if there is anything that I can do so that she will nurse during the day on the weekend. I really would like a break from my pump...
    I think that she likes the bottle so that she can look around, but even in a dark, quiet room w/ a blanket over her, she still cries when I try and nurse her. Its the only time she ever cries! I know that she is hungry, because if I give her a bottle after trying for 10-15 minutes, she downs 3 oz easily.
    Any suggestions? Anyone else experience this?
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    Just support here...we are going through the same thing since returning to work when DD was 11 weeks....she is now 6 mo. and still the same thing.
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    all i can say is take action now. Mine would bf during the night for a month then quit that too. Look up nursing strike and do what the recommendations are for that before you have a nursing strike like me. Mine hasn't nursed for a month! I blame the fast flowing bottle, but I don't have the heart to torture my big eater with syringes and such so I pump and do lots of skin to skin cuddling and just hope someday he will nurse again

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