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Thread: would you go into temp debt to stay home with LO longer?

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    Default Re: would you go into temp debt to stay home with LO longer?

    It sounds like you are pretty money savy, but just make sure you have a plan if something catostrophic (God forbid!) happened. For example, our out of pocket max for health insurance is $4000/year. That is AFTER co-pays and monthly premiums. So make sure you have all things like that covered or accounted for before you take the plunge!

    I wish I could stay home....so I hope you are able to do so
    Clara Ann from 6/27/07 to 7/2/09

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    Default Re: would you go into temp debt to stay home with LO longer?

    My mother was terrible with money. She had a job but worked the schedule around the kids and didn't make much. My dad worked a LOT and there were times we didn't see him as much as we wanted to. When we were older, he was daignosed with MS and soon couldn't work anymore. I think a baby needs his/her mommy... but as an adult child of parents in debt and a mother with no health insurance I want to testify that that is NOT something you want to do to your children. My dh's parents were very frugal and worked hard and saved and saved and I love that we just don't have to worry about them at all. I worry about my parents a lot... more than I worry about my child sometimes.

    Plus, I was so against going into debt after watching the things my parents went through that I refused student loans.. and of course THEY didn't save ANYTHING for my college. (Didn't save.) So it took me ten years to get a bachelor's degree. I was fascinated with biology but just couldn't afford to major in that: too many credits, expensive books and lab fees. We are saving money for dd's college and I plan to go back to work this coming fall because our savings is just starting to shrink. I don't want dd to have to worry about me when she's just starting her own family.

    But I also know that separating from dd at 5 months would have been mighty hard. I'm blessed that I could stay home this long. I won't tell you what you should do.. I just don't know. But I wanted to give you this perspective.

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    Default Re: would you go into temp debt to stay home with LO longer?

    I worked for a couple of months when my DD was tiny (went back when she was three and a half months and got laid off when she was six months old) and then went back to work part time when she was two years old. And it was a lot harder for her when she was two then when she was tiny. When she was little, she adjusted pretty quickly, napped a lot with the sitter and nursed when she was with me (she refused the bottle, so I'd nurse on my lunch break and she'd wait until I got home at five to eat again). It really doesn't get any easier to leave them, I don't think. But I know that my DD suffered more when I went back the second time, she was so sad at the sitters. She'd sit on the couch clutching her "special blankie" and a stuffed animal - I still feel guilty about it.

    This probably isn't of much help to you - I guess I just wanted to tell you that it'll be just as hard to do it when your child is older. We aren't going into debt with me home now, but we've resigned ourselves to being broke for a good long while...
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