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Thread: Anyone ever move long distance with a BF newborn?

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    Default Anyone ever move long distance with a BF newborn?

    Long story short, hubby lost his job Feb 1st. We are 100% we will be moving to a new state. He had two phone interviews this week and the one wants him to go there for face to face meeting.

    So, if they offer and he accepts we will move probably 2 weeks after this baby is born. I am 35 weeks pregnant and scheduled for a CS on May 12th.

    Anyone moved more than 1200 miles with a newborn? We will need to drive our car (with two toddlers too). So hubby will drive.

    Any tips? We have moved lots of times including two VERY long distant moves. But never with a new born. Not to mention I will still be recovering from a CS.

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    Default Re: Anyone ever move long distance with a BF newborn?

    Wow, you are going to be busy!

    If the move happens, make sure you are prepared to stop a lot on the drive, map out restaurants, gas stations, malls etc so you can have a good place to stop, get out to BF, stretch... Chances are that baby will sleep alot, but you never know! Make sure your hubby knows that extra time will be required so nerves dont get frazzled if there are delays (if he's impatient like my hubby!)

    Talk it over with your doctor too. Try to line up a doctor on the other end as soon as possible also.

    No co-driving either! You need your sleep!

    OR - could you stay back an extra 2 weeks and stay with family or friends to make sure YOU are ok and able for the journey?

    Congrats on the new arrival!

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    Default Re: Anyone ever move long distance with a BF newborn?

    If you're still on pain meds at the time of the move (rx or over-the-counter), stay on top of them.

    Since newborns sleep most of the time, I think this is probably the best time for you all to move with a baby in the picture!

    I take it your stuff will be moved by a moving company and not by U-Haul or otherwise.

    Take lots of patience with you too. Best wishes to you and your family.
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    Default Re: Anyone ever move long distance with a BF newborn?

    We moved from Seattle to San Francisco when Owen was 3 months. Not quite a newborn but he was still nursing like one

    We drove and took our time, stopped ever 2 hours and packed it in for the night at 6pm, the worst was the hour before stopping, he cried the whole time but we knew as soon as i nused him and put him back he would cry again so that sucked but as soon as we got to the hotel we nursed and mu dh got dinner for us, and all was good.

    I don't know how far you are driving but i would double the amount of time you expect if you want to feed on cue which at 2 weeks you really need to do.
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    Default Re: Anyone ever move long distance with a BF newborn?

    We moved from VA to CA when DS was 7 weeks. DD was 2 1/2. I flew with the kids and DH drove the car. There was no way I was doing the car thing - especially since DS already hated being in the car seat.
    Give yourselves plenty of time on the drive and pack lots of patience. Good luck!
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