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Thread: he seems ok with weaning...

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    My 11 month old seems like he is done nursing. No matter where we nurse he is constantly on and off. He also has started this biting thing and when I tell him no or shreek with pain he cries uncontrolably (I hurt his feelings). Then he won't latch back on again for quite some time. Also because my milk supply isn't the greatest at night I am pretty dried up from nursing all day so I usually nurse him and then give him a 4 oz. bottle. Lately all he wants is the bottle (if he sees it in sight). He wants nothing to do with nursing just wants the bottle. Is this normal and should I try to keep plugging away or does it sound like he wants to be done. Also he never grabs at me to nurse, he is more than content with having a bottle.

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    How do you feel about it? In a perfect world, what would you like to see happen?

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