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Thread: Question about weaning off the pump

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    Default Question about weaning off the pump

    I am a mother of twins and will be stopping breast feeding very soon. I actually have only pumped to provide breast milk to my babies. I currently pump every 3-4 hours and completely drain both breasts. (I have enough milk stored for my babies to get breast milk for over a month). I am fearful of stopping as I have heard the horror stories about engorgement, pain, clogged milk ducts, etc.

    I was thinking I would cut my times down on pumping and possibly not pump until they are fully empty.

    Does anyone have any advice? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Question about weaning off the pump

    slowly weaning would be wise. drop a session and then wait a few days untill you drop another. so your milk supply can adjust
    heres some links maybe some of this info from other moms would help

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    Default Re: Question about weaning off the pump

    I agree with the pp, a little at a time and then like you said you wanted to do, by only pumping enough to releive engorgement si wise. it wil reduce the chances of clogged ducts or mastitis. good luck!

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