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    so i going back to work in a month or so. which is nice but i dont wanna not yet anyway. but im a pizza delivery driver for awhile until i get my degree in the mail. but anyway before i had ds i work a 5-10ish on mon and tues., 5-9 thurs or fridays and a 10.30am-4 on sat and sunds. but im hoping to only work 5-9s due to bf'ing. but is there any sugestions on how to have bottles ready for dh to feed. i wont be able to pump at work im starting to have bottles now so i will have some and keep up on it. but i already have used 2 and one pulled for tomorrow. and only 2 left in freezer. right now im feeding on one side and hand expressing on the other. i dont know what is with me and pumps -they ALWAYS seem to break on me im only getting a little less then an ounce when hand expressing. i have gotten 3oz on both sides but that was when my son was not feeling so good from surgery. i am gonna be getting a pump from wic when i go later this month. sorry for being so long but any sugestions

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    Could you pump in the car while driving? At least you can get some.

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    i dont know if i would want to try to drive and pump. i live in tucson where there are TONS of accidents especially with monsoons coming up. people here dont know how to drive in reg. rain. i would hate to loose or even worse stop bf cos of work. my first child only bf for 2 months and she had formula. so im pretty excited this time around that im able to get him to latch and produce milk. i wish i didnt have to go back im usually only in a car for 15min on average. sometimes longer. but if i really need to ill will try to pump (somewhere) i could also "get lost on a delivery" and pump. if i do find a way to pump how would i store it till i get home. we have freezers but im very forgetful and wouldnt want to forget it at work. grar i dont wanna go back

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    If you were to get "lost", or manage to have some other down time in the car this is what i have come up with after a brief brain storm:
    1 keep a bottle of water with you so that you dont get dehydrated. I drink a about 3/4 gallon of water a day and sometimes am still thirsty.
    You want to be able to drink while you pump so this is key
    2 invest in a car adapter for your pump. You could just use the battery pack, but that would get $$$
    3 invest into some cooler packs, a cooler and extra storage bottles. BM is good/safe for upto 10 hrs at RT, but good for 24 in a cooler. You could even store your pump parts in the cooler inbetween sessions.
    Just some food for thought. best of luck to you
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