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Thread: newly weaned and having second thoughts

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    Red face newly weaned and having second thoughts

    My Elena has just weaned. she's almost two years old. She was a very frequent nurser and I feel like I have nursed her for four years in two. I decided to wean her because it began to take a real toll on my health and my family. I felt like I was in a fog towards the end. I tried to wean gradually but that did not work with her very strong personality. Since weaning, although she's still my happy and energetic child during the day, she has a very difficult time going to sleep.. it can take 3 or 4 hours for her to settle.. even with the same routine every night. She also has started pulling on her eyelashes during those times. She was used to nursing to sleep. She also has been fighting a cold and it seems to be lingering on and on. Sometimes I entertain the thought of nursing her again to get her to settle at night, and give her the immunities she may be needing, but I am concerned we will end up full time(including 3-4 times during the night) again and me being completely drained. Also I do not know if I still have milk after almost a month not nursing. Any thoughts good mothers?

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    Hello again!

    If you are wanting to try, there is no harm in doing so. Be aware that there is a possiblity that your dd might not remember how to get milk out, even if she is wanting to try, too.

    Have you considered stringing out her bedtime routine, perhaps making the wind down period a bit longer?

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    I haven't weaned my 2 year old DD yet, but we have cut down on nursing quite a bit. She also was a frequent nurser, and if I let her, would nurse around 10 times a day.

    If you want to nurse again, try it! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. But it sounds like you might not want to. I know that even WITH nursing before bed, my DD sometimes takes hours to go to sleep. I've noticed that sometimes it has to do with later naps, or longer naps, or too much/too little activity during the day...but I can't always live in such a way to schedule everything around her.

    Anyways...just sending a your way and letting you know my experience with bed times, even though we are nursing, can often take hours.
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