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    Question Breast Shield Question

    We are using a breastshield to aid my baby in latching on, and I have a question for those of you who have used the same thing. Do babies tend to 'spill' milk out of their mouths when using the shield?
    When we don't use the shield my baby occassionally has an overflow of milk from her mouth, however, when we use the shield there seems to constantly be milk seeping out of the side of her mouth. It reminds me of when we were using a nipple with a too-fast flow on her bottle.
    Is this common? Is it because she is getting too much milk into her mouth when we are using the shield, and she can't swallow all of it? I have a good milk supply that lets down very easily.

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    My gal had a little bit of spillage with the shield. I think it's cause the shield gets so full and there is nowhere for the milk to go. So it leaks out of the shield either on to you or into baby's mouth. No worries. I just had a papertowel to put the shield on so the milk wouldn't leak on my table, couch, etc.. when I took off the shield.

    Off topic-we used a shield for 4 weeks(until she reached full term) and then did away with it. It totally helped us and I breastfed for 12 months; thanks to the shield at the beginning.
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    I used one to two bibs a feeding when i used the shield. It would always come out of the side. Once i got her to nurse with out it, i only washed two this week that is one of the reasons i was glad she started latching without it

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    That's exactly how we are - we both end up covered in milk when using the shield...it's not just a few drips, it's more like a whole milkshake!!
    I just wanted to make sure it was a 'side-effect' of the shield, as I was concerned that she wasn't getting any milk, and it was all spilling out. I guess she wouldn't latch on for so long if she wasn't getting milk.
    We are have good times and bad times without the shield. Yesterday she latched without it, today, she could only latch with it. I guess we have to deal with the mess

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