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Thread: What's the difference between "watery" and "loose"?

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    Default What's the difference between "watery" and "loose"?

    I know, it's probably a silly question.

    The thing is, after reading a number of threads about poo, (I've been concerned about the colour of my LO's poo) I'm beginning to be concerned with the texture as well. I just assumed that my LO was having "loose" stools . . . but after reading things like "mustard-like" and "runny-pudding" I'm starting to think that it's always been very watery. The "water" part gets absorbed into the pamper and the seedy part stays on top. my LO is 3 weeks old now, and has never had a stool that looks like "mustard" - it's always been very watery - sometimes shooting across the room if pamper-less . . .

    normal? or should I call my doctor?
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    Default Re: What's the difference between "watery" and "loose"?

    that pretty much what i have! mine is 5 weeks old

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    Default Re: What's the difference between "watery" and "loose"?

    The fact that most is being absorbed into the diaper sounds watery to me. Here's a link. Normal runny I believe would be equivilent to runny egg yolks. It may be worth a call to the pedi just for peace of mind. GL

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