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Thread: 3 day trip

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    Smile 3 day trip

    My dh and I are planning on a 3 day trip in July. DD will be 14 mo old. I have weaned her down to where she nurses only to go to sleep, when she wakes up in the am and at night. So 5-7 times a day. She only nurses for the let down and then she's done. I supplement one bottle a day. My question is, when we go on our trip, do you think this will push her into weaning. I'm not overly eager to wean her, but if it happens I'm okay with it. I will probably only pump for relief. I'm basically just wondering what things will look like when we get back. Does anyone have any experience with something like this? Thanks so much!

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    I went on a three day trip when my nursling was 2 1/2, thought that would be it (she nursed quite often then when I was around).
    I showed up on my third night away, crawled into bed next to her and she rolled over and started nursing.
    I don't think it necessarily will push her into weaning!

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    All baby's are different. Have you been separated before? How did that go?
    How do you plan on removing milk while you are away? Regular removal of milk is necessary to prevent mastitis and engorgement in the mother. You may need to make plans on bringing a hand pump, and electric pump or learning hand expression.

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    I am facing the same thing. We are planning a trip this summer for four days. DS will be 18 mos. I have a pump I can bring, so I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about how DS will last four days without me. I imagine he'll be down to just a few nursing sessions per day (oh please, let him be sleeping through the night by then!), but I wonder if he'll be really upset when he wants to nurse and I'm not there. I'm a SAHM so he's not used to being away from me very much. I have 4+ mos to try to get him used to the idea, but I'm still not sure what the 'game plan' should be. I've never had a need to leave any of my kids while they were still nursing, but we've never had a vacation before and after my recent m/c I could really use something to look forward to.

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    I can't help with the SAHM leaving for the first time part, but I routinely travel for work and my 1 yo DD always wants to nurse when I get home!!!! I am sure each child's need to nurse is different, but I would just make sure that a bottle or cup is offered for nourishment while you're away AND that there is lots of cuddle time. I'm away on business now and can't WAIT to get home tomorrow!

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