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    Hi. I'd love some advice please.

    I have a 11 day old son who is breastfeeding pretty ok, except that he usually fights to latch on. I've spoken to the midwife about this who's given me some support to change my technique. However, I'm also really struggling with baby blues, and being the sole feeder (ie. tied 24/7) is really getting to me. I'd love to have a bit more freedom and allow my husband to do a feed here and there but don't want to change to bottle feeding. is there a way to do it? i have a pump, but don't know if introducing a bottle now would mess up his breastfeeding. i just know i'm getting to the point where i won't be able to cope with the feeding and rather than give up i'd rather find a bit of a compromise. i don't want to use formula if i can help it, but a friend suggested a formula feed before bed to help him through the night?

    any help much appreciated

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    They recommend waiting 4-6 weeks before introducing a bottle. However, I did it earlier than that without many problems. You should definitely use a slow flow nipple though. You can also have your DH feed lo with a syringe or spoon instead of a bottle. I would definitely pump and give that rather than formula. Giving formula at this point may be detrimental to your supply.

    Have you talked to your doctor about your depression? Breastfeeding is a lot harder in the beginining but it does get easier as you both get used to it.

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    if your LO sleeps through the night NOW, your milk supply might decrease. sleeping through the night is best for you maybe but not for LO and YOU wanting to keep up with breastfeeding.

    I kinda think of it this way.. I KNEW when getting pregnant my sleeping would be here and there and far between. I just learned to deal with that lol thats life haha.

    as for the depression, get help! I am currently taking meds and have been for over a month now, i feel 100% better!! Good luck mama!!

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