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    Quote Originally Posted by danalynn724 View Post
    So when do I switch sides? After she stops swallowing? Or let it go a little longer than that???

    She has been having a wet at least every time I feed her, which I figure is good... no poop since last night around 6....
    I'd switch after 5 or ten minutes or if she latches herself off. Way to go, momma!!!!
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    i just wanted to say and to hang in there!

    also, i had cracks, splits, and bleeding in the beginning also and i used lanolin on my nipples...it was a godsend...it healed everything up really quickly and actually made it feel a little better. if you can, try to get some and put it on after every nursing session until your nipples heal up; it will really help. it's a $10 investment that will save you a lot of heartache. be careful tho, because it will stain your clothes (the oil in it), so use nursing pads in your bra.

    hang in there mama-- it will get easier!

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