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Thread: Share your leaking stories here!!!

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    Red face Share your leaking stories here!!!

    So I have been blessed so far with only a few incidences where I "leaked" in public.

    I am a full-time teacher and pump 2x a day.

    So it's 8:30am and I go to bathroom and look down...yep, I'm leaking on one side. AND I had a breastpad on. So for some reason I must of had a let-down in class and soaked through the pad. It wasn't terrible, the spot was only a little bigger than a quarter BUT...now I'm embarrassed.

    I don't think my students understood what's going on (special ed) but I'm sure my assistants did.

    Share your stories please so I can feel a little better about "springing a leak at work". haha
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    In the beginning, I also leaked at work, though a military UNIFORM shirt, no less, and it was terribly, terribly obvious. Same as you - I teach (college math) and was pumping twice a day. It got me during class and there was nothing I could do.

    Way to pump - I know how hard it is! I did it for 9 months before hanging up the horns.

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    FYI, i've noticed that he only breast pads that work for me are the Disposable lanisoh...

    I brought my lo to my office to meet coworkers at about 6 weeks old, I was still on leave and only palanned to be here an hour or so, but...after 2.5 hours of walking around a female coworker informed me that i had two large we spots on my shirt (i work in a large home office about 800 employees onsite) i had to get the baby back from another coworker by saying 'it's lunch time sorry we have to go', she responded with 'he seems fine to me', and i said 'no really we HAVE to go', and walked briskly across the floor of cubicles to where the carseat was and had to get out ASAP, lucky for me I didn't have to finish the day like that and could just run home...
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    This thread could be lots of fun. I can't wait to hear all of the stories. My lo is 8 months now. I never wear pads cause I "never" have leaking issues. Well, I was standing in the checkout line with my yummy groceries and I looked down to get money from my purse. Oh no!!!! I had a huge wet spot, smack in the middle of my left breast. Oh man! To top it off there was a charming young man checking my groceries...I hope he didn't see. I was quick witted enough to pick up my lo to cover me...hehehe...thank goodness for lo's!
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    i think i've mentioned this before, but i'm a family law attorney. i was in a meeting with clients and their kids, who were the subject of the court action. i always plan meetings around pumping, but this time my boss was in with me talking on and on. the baby started crying....anyway it was like the perfect storm...nervous, overdue on pumping and baby crying. i was leaking on both sides and had to excuse myse;lf and borrow my assistant's coat!!!
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