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Thread: He is overeating?!?!?

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    Default He is overeating?!?!?

    Thats what my doctor said was the problem. The reason my baby is so fussy, is he is overeating, just wanting to suck and getting way too much! (as well as gulping a lot of air)Thats why he is screaming and crying. He gave me medicine for reflux anyways, but said he eats to much, and I need to put him on a schedule?!?!? I'm so confused! He is 14 bs 8oz and 2 months and one week old. All my boys were big! SO what to do now? I'm so confused....I honestly think I am just going to nurse him when he wants it, I can't let my baby scream cause he wants to nurse and I won't let him! And how do you get a little one to take a binky when they want nothing to do with it? I've tried a million different kind! AGH!

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    Default Re: He is overeating?!?!?

    obviously you know best, but are you sure he's really hungry when he's fussy and screaming? We used to feed my LO everytime he cried, but then realized that he really wasn't hungry, he just wanted to be walked around. He's doing the same thing now-getting all fussy. The babysitter fed him almost twice as much as usual because of it, but I knew that really all he wanted to do was walk around with me.

    How many times a day does he eat and for how long?

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    Default Re: He is overeating?!?!?

    Babies don`t do so well with schedules. I agree with you with feeding on demand. Nursing for babies is so much more than just nourishment. It`s also closeness, comfort, their way of feeling right. I wouldn`t even force the paci if you`re not feeling comfortable with it.
    Do you burp him often?

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    Default Re: He is overeating?!?!?

    sorry your doctor gave you such a hard time
    have you check out the reflux pages here at the web site?
    heres a blip from that link

    Still other babies with reflux want to eat all the time! The milk acts as a natural antacid and is soothing. However, if the baby overfills his stomach capacity, reflux symptoms can worsen. For this baby it may be helpful to nurse one breast at a time. As the lactating breast never truly empties, the baby will be rewarded with a slower flow of milk that may soothe a burning throat, but not overfill his stomach. Some mothers have reported pacifier use to be helpful for these babies

    what are babies poops like? are they green and frothy?
    do you drink alot of cows milk?
    my dd was extra fussy and had green poops when I drank cows milk or had cheese ect..
    once we cut out cows milk she was a diffent baby!

    check out dr sears web page too he has some great info on fussy babies that might help you figure out whats going on..

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    Default Re: He is overeating?!?!?

    Sometimes my baby is fussy and acts like he wants to eat, but then pops on and off the breast. So I keep trying to get him to eat, and eventually he spits up! He isn't much of a spitter, so sometimes he just wants to suck. I wouldn't put him on a schedule, per se, but if it seems rather soon after he's had a decent feed, try something else?

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    Default Re: He is overeating?!?!?

    My understanding is you cannot over feed an exclusively breast fed baby. If you give expressed bm in a bottle then you can overfeed. But, since babies can control their intake when nursing it is impossible to overfeed. He could be fussy because there is something you are eating that does not agree with his tummy. The usual culprit is dairy. Or is it possible you have an oversupply? http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html
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    Default Re: He is overeating?!?!?

    Quote Originally Posted by mandybug View Post
    The reason my baby is so fussy, is he is overeating, just wanting to suck and getting way too much! (as well as gulping a lot of air)Thats why he is screaming and crying. He gave me medicine for reflux anyways, but said he eats to much, and I need to put him on a schedule?!?!?
    This sounds like bad advice to me.

    Your baby is big- close to the 97th percentile for weight on the WHO chart for breastfed boys, if I converted to metric correctly and read the chart right. But your doc should be applauding you for that achievement, not scolding you!

    My understanding is that you can't overfeed a breastfed baby. It just doesn't work that way. If your baby is hungry, he will suck aggressively, stimulating a letdown, and he will get big gulps of milk. But if he is nursing for comfort, he'll suck at a leisurely pace, and only get a little tiny trickle.

    If your baby has reflux, I would think that frequent, small feedings would be much better for him that spaced-out large feedings. A baby who is taking frequent small meals wouldn't have as much in his tummy to come back up and hurt him.

    Have you tried carrying your baby upright in a sling and propping him up on an incline while he's sleeping? Those two tricks are supposed to help with reflux, as gravity is working in the digestive system's favor.

    I think you should follow your heart. You know your son better than your doctor does, and you know what he needs most when he's crying. s, mama.

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    Default Re: He is overeating?!?!?

    i think your doc might need to do some reading about bf'ing babies

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    Default Re: He is overeating?!?!?

    Quote Originally Posted by sailor-san View Post
    i think your doc might need to do some reading about bf'ing babies
    My 2 cents about putting babies on a feeding schedule- We eat when we're hungry and stop when we're not...Why shouldn't they?
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    Cool Re: He is overeating?!?!?

    At 12 weeks, my LO is 15 lb 8 oz, in the 95th percentile. I agree that if he is fussing shortly after a feeding, there's a possibility that your lo wants something else, but to schedule a feeding? I wouldn't go that far.

    You will notice soon that your LO will put himself on his own little schedule when he's ready. Mine started doing this at 9 weeks, right after a growth spurt. I kept an eye on the times each feeding, each nap, and now, I know exactly when I can expect to grab a shower, grab lunch, or do some housework, with about a half hour of leeway. I started doing this after I read the Baby Whisperer, because I wasn't getting anything done, and in it it recommends watching the natural schedule your baby already has, and just being in tune with their needs pretty much. Follow their rhythm, and soon, you'll know exactly what it means when they are crying, and you can do what is necessary, then.

    Hope this helps!
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