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Thread: new baby and I'm getting sick

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    Default new baby and I'm getting sick

    My LO is almost a month old and my husband and I are both comming down with colds. I am so scared she is going to catch it from us. Are there any safe medications or herbs I can take to try to ward this off while breastfeeding? Or should I just leave it alone and try to go without anything...just rest and fluids. I have issues with making too much milk and am in the process of trying to get that under control so I don't want to take anything that may increase my supply. Any suggestions? Has anyone else became sick when there little one was less than a month old?
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    Default Re: new baby and I'm getting sick

    Here's a good (non LLL) link about natural remedies for a cold while breastfeeding.
    If the remedy has an effect on either building or reducing supply, that will be listed if you click on the remedy for more info. For instance, she mentions fenugreek, when you click on that its says that it often has the ability to increase a mothers supply, so you'd know to skip that one!

    Take really good care of yourself! I hope you guys feel better very soon
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    Default Re: new baby and I'm getting sick

    I will take vitamin C and zinc if I think I'm getting sick. I think the link by the pp mentions those. (And of course continuing to nurse your LO so she gets those good antibodies is the best you can do .) Hope you feel better soon!
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    Default Re: new baby and I'm getting sick

    Don't worry about your DD getting sick. Just wash hands and keep breastfeeding. You will be giving antibodies to fight the cold. My DH and I have been sick multiple times and DD has never been sick yet (she's six months old now). Plus once my mom came over, held DD (she was a couple months old). and then later on in the day started feeling very sick, turned out she had pnumonia You can imagine how worried I was, but DD was fine.

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    Default Re: new baby and I'm getting sick

    I agree with PP, make sure you keep BF no matter what. It will totally keep LO from getting sick. My DH and I both had the flu in Feb when LO was 5 weeks old and she only got a teeny cough for a few days. WebMD website has a list of safe meds while nursing. HTH

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    Default Re: new baby and I'm getting sick

    The night I arrived home with DS our DD began the projectile vomiting and diarrhea associated with the Rotavirus that was going around our area like a wildfire. We all got a touch of it, but not near as bad as DD had. DS never showed symptoms of anything.
    Keep nursing!
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