Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the great tips - especially on the allergies. I didn't see the comments on the allergies until after I had bought a whole bunch of stuff at the health food store. I started using a combination pill called, "Lactate Support", which had fenugreek seed, fennel seed, red raspberry leaf, blessed thistle, and marshmallow root. I thought it would work, but I started having skin issues (rashes on my face), which is typically my first symptom of an allergy. Turns out that I really shouldn't have used this stuff because I do have an allergy to peanuts and react to hayfever (among my many, many other allergies). So, I stopped the stuff immediately.

I called a lactation consultant and she advised that I should just keep pumping and eating properly. Turns out I wasn't eating enough since I was so stressed out. I have been pumping/nursing every hour and a half during the day and have continued nursing on demand in the evenings. I've been doing this since Thursday 2/2 and yesterday, finally noticed a change. I went from barely 4 oz pumped during the day to 9 oz! I'm going to follow the lactation consultant's advice and do this for at least a week to get my supply back up.

It really is a matter of supply and demand (plus rest and eating enough). Good luck to everyone!