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Thread: Keeping him comfy

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    Default Keeping him comfy

    Well, William seems to have his first cold (that or his little nose is freaking out from the overnight pollen invasion) He can't lay flat on his back and even his little incline thingy isn't enough to keep him comfortable. But apparantly mommy milk is I'm sucking out his nose and snuggling him in the bathroom with a steamy shower running and it always ends in him wanting to nurse I'm just glad I can do at least that to ease his misery.
    When he smiles at me and coos after it just melts my heart.

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    The way babies suck when they nurse helps to clear the sinuses much better than sucking at a bottle, and Bm has natural pain relievers to help him feel better. Plus BM has your antibodies to help him fight this.

    Have you tried a cool mist humidifier? That really helps my son when he's congested. We leave it running during naps and all night - just remember to leave the door ajar.

    Hope he feels better soon .

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    I just posted about my stuffy lo too, her first cold

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