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Thread: lo sqeezes my breast

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    Default Re: lo sqeezes my breast

    My DD does this. She started about a month ago I think. It doesn't hurt when she does it to my breast, but if I'm wearing short sleeves, she'll try squeezing my arm the same way and it huuuuurts

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    Cool Re: lo sqeezes my breast

    My lo puts his hand under the one he's nursing and clenches and unclenches his hand, at the same time, he rubs circles on the opposite breast. How weird is that?
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    Default Re: lo sqeezes my breast

    Mine does the same thing. It reminds me of the way cats "knead" as they curl up with you. I'll bet it's probably the same instinctive thing.
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    Default Re: lo sqeezes my breast

    now she doesnt only do this but she slaps the breast that she is not nursing on while eating lol

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    Default Re: lo sqeezes my breast

    Well I have a six week old already trying to do this!

    He goes whack whack whack whack whack while nursing.. I always wondered if it was related.

    And hes also a grunter and a groaner when nursing.. you would think he was trying to shovel solid concrete or something, but he sounds more like hes just enjoying it a whole lot!!
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