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Thread: 5 Month Old Won't Nurse

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    FOR 4MONTHS MY SON NURSED WELL, THEN HE STARTED TO FUSS DURING THE DAY AND ONLY NURSE AT NIGHT. Finally he won't nurse at all. I have always supplemented with formula, as he has a voracious appetite and weights 19 lbs, and is tall too. I have pumped til I was blue in the face and took fenugreek and blessed thistle. My supply however, was always enough for him at night and he still doesn't drink that much during the night. I know the problem is the bottle preference. He also uses pacifiers. I just hate to think of torturing him with a syringe or cup. He also goes to daycare where they use bottles and I really can't see them doing otherwise. I do have the luxury of only working 3 days per week if I need to. Is there anything I can do such as using a slower nipple? I am willing to try the cup or syringe if I have to, but he has such an appetite, it will be hard. Also, where can I buy more syringes, we used them at first and I threw them away. He didn't even have a bottle for the first 4 weeks and now this. When i put him to the breast he cries and arches his back. I have been doing the skin to skin and I have made progress where he will put his mouth on my nipple, but it seems to be more play, but when I try to latch him on, he arches that back and protests loudly. I have tried to squirt milk in his mouth and this has had mixed results. I am willing to pump and bottle feed, but if only i could get him to nurse at night I would be so happy. This has me so sad.

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    Have you called your local LLL Leader for information and support?

    If you're not using a slow flow nipple for bottles, I would definitely suggest doing so. I would also suggest gently moving towards no artificial nipples (bottles/pacifiers) when you and baby are together.

    Here are some helpful resources:

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