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    My son has been weaned for about 6 days now. We did it gradually and I'm also pregnant, so my supply was way down. My left breast has not been full at all, but now all of a sudden, my right one (who was the big producer) is starting to feel more full, even a little sore. It seems like everyday it gets a little more full. I thought I'd be dry by now. Since I felt fine after a couple of days with no nursing, I thought I was going to get to skip the engorgement thing. How long will it take for me to dry up? I'm scared of getting mastitis now that I'm feeling fuller. Thanks for the help!
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    Wow - same thing here. I weaned gradually, and went for a few weeks of before-bed nursings before finally stopping 11 days ago. After 5 days of nothing, all of the sudden one of my breasts (my main producer) got really full, and hard, and tender. I was worried about the same thing, but after about 2 days, the tenderness subsided and it's starting to look normal now.

    Not sure how long it takes to fullly dry up, but our experiences sound similar!

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    IT was a long time before I couldn't express any milk when my dd weaned..
    like over 6 month.
    She was down to just nursing to go to sleep for the last year she nursed.
    I would hand express some untill you feal comfortable.

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