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Thread: Early morning weaning....

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    Well, last night he nursed down around 8-830 and then I put the laptop away at about 10, and somehow stirred him. So he woke, but I nursed him (like you mentioned Eme). The reason I think thats not the best idea is because he just sucks twice and falls asleep on the breast. So #1 its not like hes tanking up any more milk, and #2 he is more likely to fall asleep on the breast in the earlier portion of the night than in the early morning. And our goal is to teach him how to fall asleep without the breast. SO, anyhoo, he didn't nurse again til 5 AM! And then, it was twice in an hour and hes still sleeping at 620 AM. He is doing so well, I am so proud of him. I feel better able to nurse him when its not as often during the night. Even though he wakes every few hours he is able to roll over and go to sleep, or if that doesnt work, he accepts a pat on the back or chest from me. I didn't have to get out of bed to rock him at all.

    The one thing we did is gave him a big pumpkin muffin before bed. It had lots of nutmeg in it. I've read that nutmeg can help sleep.

    The good nights give me hope during the bad nights Also, he is starting to eat more during the day....and dare I say....hes getting a bit chubby
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    a good night is a great thing!

    Yeah, and I'd have to agree (not that you need me to ) if he's sucking twice and then conks back out, it is for comfort and if you need to, you can work past that wake time.

    Now - wheres the recipe for these muffins Im always looking for new baked goods! They are my forte!
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