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Thread: brownish/yellow poopy kinda mucusy??

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    Default brownish/yellow poopy kinda mucusy??

    Not sure if mucusy is a word, but best way to describe it. My DD is 3 weeks old today and the past week her stools have turned to a darker brownish/yellow and a more mucus consistancy, sometimes more runny. Every now and then she still has the seedy ones, but it is still mixed with runny diaper. She only nurses for about 10 minutes, but I have a strong flow and she gained her weight back, so not sure what's going on!! Any suggestions on if this is normal or if I should be doing something different...she has good wet diapers still besides the poopy diapers

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    Default Re: brownish/yellow poopy kinda mucusy??

    That's how ours looks quite often. It must be fine since we're gaining lots of weight.

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    Default Re: brownish/yellow poopy kinda mucusy??

    here is a great link It sounds like it could be normal. The seediness comes from fat which there is more of in hind milk, so just make sure she is "emptying" the breast before switching sides. It's okay if she eats from just one side. But, what you are describing sounds fine I've read that breastmilk poop can resemble runny egg yolk. That's what my daughters was like before she started solids.

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