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Thread: starting solids?

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    Default starting solids?

    Okey so i was eating pizza last night and my LO watched every move i made with it soo i decided to make her some rice cereal with apple juice. She ate it pretty well for a first time feeding. other than this she is EBF.
    here are somethings i am wondering?
    if i am mixing with apple juice my thoughts were will it keep the cereal from constipating her??
    being breast fed she only poos made once a week or so and when she does its thick. she dont act uncomfortable so i just figure this is normal as it has been this way for quit some time now.

    am i right that the apple juice will maybe? counter act the constipating ???
    oh and LO is 4 months
    sorry so long thanks for reading all replies welcome

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    Ive heard that apples/apple juice can actually constipate a baby. If youre worried about it, try mixing her cereal with EBM. And if the consitpation gets too bad try a little bit of prune juice. This is what i do when my son gets constipated, and it definately helps. I mix the juice about 3/4 water to 1/4 juice.

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    Default Re: starting solids?

    If the cereal constipates, you can always move on to fruits and veggies. Some experts recommed cereal first because it's iron-fortified, other experts will tell you there is no need for commercial baby cereal at all. Personally, I lean more towards food from nature is best.


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    Default Re: starting solids?

    I know that some say it's fine to start solids at 4 months, while others say never before 6 months because it helps avoid allergies the later you do it.

    Also, I don't know about apple juice and constipation but I hear that juice is not great for babies. Too much sugar or something. Anyone else care to jump in and concur or correct??

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    Default Re: starting solids?

    Quote Originally Posted by emama View Post
    Also, I don't know about apple juice and constipation but I hear that juice is not great for babies. Too much sugar or something. Anyone else care to jump in and concur or correct??
    Yeah, I know I've read that juice is empty sugary calories and not really healthy at all. My other concern, though, would be introducing two new foods at once. It's best when you first start solids to start one food at a time over a few days to watch for any reactions.

    As I think was mentioned, you could start with a veggie or fruit instead if you're concerned about constipation.
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    Default Re: starting solids?

    agree with the previous poster regarding introducing 2 things at once.

    One reason why some people say not to introduce solids before 6 months is because all of the major health organizations say that babies should be exculsively breast fed for 6 months.


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    Default Re: starting solids?

    4 months is a little young for solids in my opinion. You are right that apple juice might conteract the constipation from cereal which is why I am not a fan of infant cereal. Why not start with banana or avacado or regular oatmeal made with breastmilk. I would wait till she is older though. All babies act interested at 4 months because they are interested in everything mom and dad do. If you lo can't sit up and feed herself I don't think she is ready for solids... just my opinion though...

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