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Thread: 15 wk old sleep patterns changing

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    Default Re: 15 wk old sleep patterns changing

    my lo slept 6-7 hr stretches for about a week, & she is now 6mos old and it's never happened again. she's been teething for over 2 mos (no teeth yet) though, so I assumed it was the teething.

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    Exclamation Re: 15 wk old sleep patterns changing

    i guess it can take a while.
    so when can you give them oregel or reliever?
    & will this affect BF? like bitting & pain for me?

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    Default Re: 15 wk old sleep patterns changing

    Yeah, it can take a while. These teeth are erupting through skin tissue. (aren't you glad that they can't remember this, and that you can't remember your own teething phase?)

    I have been told that at this age, babies are too young for Oragel, as it does interfere with their ability to latch correctly, as well as it numbs the breast a bit, retarding milkflow. Many moms I know have recommended Hylands teething tablets, which are a homeopathic remedy. I personally have been having a hard time finding them locally here, so I've been giving my son one dose of Tylenol a day, before bedtime, so he at least can get a good night's sleep. During the day, nursing works well for pain relief for us, since the act of nursing releases pain-reducing endorphins for the baby.
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    I've also read that many babies go through a sleep regression between 4-6 months because so much brain development goes on. I think askmoxie has info about it. It might go on for a while, but it should get better.

    DD popped a tooth at 5 months 2 days, so it can happen early! She'd been drooling HEAVILY since 2 months.

    FWIW, our ped discourages oragel, says it can numb their throats too since they swallow it and therefore cause breathing/swallowing problems when asleep. I wasn't going to take the chance. I ordered the teething tablets from drugstore.com, couldn't find them locally.

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