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Thread: to wean???

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    Exclamation to wean???

    I just found out that I am pregnant with baby #2. We are sooo thrilled. I am still Bf and recently had to cut out tons of foods from both of our diets due to my daughter's food allergies. I still want to continue Bf but lately I findthat I am soooohungry. I am craving foods that I can't eat and I find hours going by without eating. I feel emotional drained because I am soo hungry. I just had my first doctors appointment and I weigh 138. I was 152 before becoming pregnant with my daughter then last Feb after she was born I dropped down to 158... 6 weeks after having her.....thanks to BF no doubt. Now I weigh 138 and I am skinny. I have never been this thin and I'm nervous because I am pregnant etc. I really need help because I am ready to wean at this point and I feel so guilty about it.

    Tonight for bedtime( I've always nursed her to sleep) I gave her soy milk warmed in a sippy. She drank a bit then cried as I held her. It was heartwrenching but I was just trying to see if it would pass. She was hysterical but I shh shhhs shhh her and said its ok etc and finally she drank 4 oz of it and then laid down on our bed...we cosleep......and wqas snoring in no time...probably cuz she cried for so long. I feel sooo bad and I wont do it cold turkey but i just feel i need to do this. I would appreciate any help etc.

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    Okay, I am a little confussed. I am not sure which is the bigger concern on your part for the weight loss. Do you think it is primarily from taking so many things out of your diet or from nursing consuming so many calories. And are the allergies just your 13 month olds or are you allergic, too? I am wondering if you increased calories if nursing/weaning would still be an issue? There is a forum on allergies. Maybe some of the ladies could give you tips/recipes/ideas of doable meals that could increase your calories without touching the dangerous foods.

    for making it to 13 months. You have given your daughter a huge gift. Don't feel bad if you need to wean, but it sounded like you were torn. Maybe just reducing the number of nursings would help

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    Quote Originally Posted by k10driscoll View Post
    I feel sooo bad and I wont do it cold turkey but i just feel i need to do this. I would appreciate any help etc.
    If you do feel that you really want to wean your daughter and since you said you won't do it cold turkey, maybe you could wean her from her least important nursing session first and after that's not an issue for her anymore, wean her from the next least important. The nursing session right before bed might be the hardest for her to give up. If you go slow, it might be easiest on you both.
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    Hi. Thanks for the advice. Lastnight once we went to bed she woke up...it always happens...and I nursed her and WAS soooooo happy! There's no way I can wean...we are just not ready . So I will have to eat better and figure out what I can eat!

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    As long as you are doing what seems right for your family, you won't make the wrong decision. You'll know when it's time!
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    Would a visit to a nutritionist maybe be helpful for you? I would think your OB would give you a referal if you need one. I don't have food restrictions and I have found it hard to eat enough for pregancy and bfing when food just doesn't sound very good. I can imagine you're in a difficult place.
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    There is a forum on here for BF moms who are PG. They might have some suggestions. I have been in a similar siruation recdently. My son doesn't have allergies, but having morning sickness can make it hard and I was super nervous cause I wasn't gaining anything. I have finally (at 18 weeks) gained about 2 pounds.
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