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Thread: is it harder to wean when tandem nursing?

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    Default is it harder to wean when tandem nursing?

    I am still in the deciding phase of if I will try tandem nursing or not. My son will be 32 months old when our new baby is due to arrive. Weaning hasn't been successful in the past (I was weaning when my mom died, and since we lived with her, I stopped.) My son isn't keen on weaning now, but I'm thinking this may be the best time.

    Considering how he loves the comfort in nursing, I'm concerned to how he'll handle weaning in a few months after the baby is born. Or how he'll handle me nursing the baby.

    I want the transition to be the easiest way for him to handle. I don't know if tandem nursing will help him cope and still feel loved. But I also don't want him to feel rejected when it's time for him to stop and the baby can keep nursing.

    Any suggestions and stories would be appreciated while I try to figure out what we'll be doing.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: is it harder to wean when tandem nursing?

    Emma was 3 and a half when John was born. She nursed through my pregnancy and until he was 4 months old. Then, she weaned with my strong encouragement (and a weaning party!). I felt that it was easier/better this way. She got all of me through my pregnancy (and I got to lay down and rest with her!), and the first few transitional months included nursing - one of her favorite activities. It wasn't until we were really settled into having a baby brother that we were able to start talking about weaning. I just explained that it was something I needed. She was great about it, picked out a unicorn pinata for her party, and stuck to her promise after. I do treasure the pictures a friend took of her last nursing.

    Here she is! My big girl! It's been a full year now. Actually, it was Jan 18, 2005. I was sure we'd celebrate the year mark, but we forgot! It seems better that way - like we just worked this new phase of our relationship into our life.

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