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Thread: mastitis/clogged duct advice

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    Default mastitis/clogged duct advice

    It is ironic that I posted last week that I was concerned about low milk supply, and now I am asking about blocked ducts!

    My entire house has had bronchitis. The baby and me just got upper resp. colds. This started on Sunday. She has struggled to nurse (can't breathe/drainage), so she is not eating as much as usual.

    We co-sleep and I demand feed. Here is what happened. She went from a 2 1/2 hr 24 hour a day schedule to nursing some and sleeping through the night, or just waking once. Great and all for rest, but my right breast started aching yesterday. the left one today (rt. def. the worst) I went to Kellymom.com and am doing compresses and massage and nursing frequently. I have fever a little over 100 plus the cold symptoms. I am having plenty of fluids and resting as much as I can w/ 4 kiddos. Questions:

    Should I pump after she is through nursing to relieve that side?

    At night should I pull her to me to nurse even if she is still sleeping? and how often?

    Anything you have tried for pain/opening the ducts more effective than others?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Default Re: mastitis/clogged duct advice

    Try nursing in different positions; cradle hold, football hold, etc. You can take ibuprofen for the elevated temp and inflammation. You may need to get some antibiotics. I had a NASTY case of mastitis when my LO was about 3 weeks. Ended up in the ER with fever, rigors and vomiting. It was awful!

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    Default Re: mastitis/clogged duct advice

    I agree with the previous post...see a doctor and see if you need antibiotics...I had my battle with mastitis and I would want you to get over it quickly.
    Also, I read in the Womanly Art of BF to apply heat, get plenty of rest and nurse that baby TONS to help with mastitis.
    So,maybe you and baby can spend a day lounging in bed and let baby nurse as often as possible.
    Also, about your question about pumping the one side, in my case I was told that b/c the pump doesn't empty the breast as well as the baby does, it was actually making my situation worse when I had mastitis and yeast.
    Hang in there!
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