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Thread: I'm so glad I found this board!

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    Smile I'm so glad I found this board!

    After reading some of the threads here I finally feel normal! I have an over-supply of milk, and my baby must not be getting the hind milk. He's fussy, gassy, crampy, having greenish poo, gulping/choking during letdown etc.

    I've read lots of contradictory information over the past day or so and I didn't know which way to go . . . and the breastfeeding support group I attend weekly has the notion that as long as the babies are gaining weight, and their skin is a nice colour, breastfeeding problems will correct themselves.

    To read the experiences from real breastfeeding mothers who have gone through this exact thing has made me give a giant sigh of relief! I've decided to give block-feeding a try.

    Anyway just wanted to say how grateful I am to have found you guys!

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    We are glad you found us too Hope things start getting better for you soon.
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    Glad you found some help for your problem!!
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    Keep us posted and let us know if we can help!!

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