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Thread: Multivitamins whi nursing

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    Is it still necessary to continue taking prenatal vitamins? My 7mo old daughter is eating cereal, fruits and veggies now. I am not worried about Vit D as it is summer here. I am vegetarian(no meat, no fish). Dont get to eat that much cheese either. But I do take milk & yoghurt. She is BF on demand.I used to take vit with ARA and DHA

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    My lo is 10 mo and I am still taking prenatal vit... not for her but for me ... I get so tired when I dont take them that It wouldnt be hard for me make it with out them.... dont know this info helps but your body will make the best breast milk with the nutrients from your body so you will need to eat well to replace them...

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    Here is some helpful information:

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