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Thread: Is it possible to be allergic to applesauce?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stacie78 View Post
    My lo never had a diaper rash until she was about 7 mo, about a month after we introduced solids, but I didn't notice it being related to any certain foods... I just assumed it was the food itself changed the ph of the poop
    Wow, stacie78, that sounds just like us. Did the rash clear up pretty quickly? Did it return? My dh thought it could be due to a change in poop pH.

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    Default Re: Is it possible to be allergic to applesauce?

    Boudreaux's Butt Paste!! Love that stuff!

    We also used Lotrimin because her rash looked like a "yeast" diaper rash. We put a layer of Lotrimin on and then the Boudreaux's over top of it and it was gone in a couple of days. Now we have been putting Butt Paste on each night after her bath and it has kept it pretty much at bay.

    It was so frustrating at first... we had made it 7 months without a single diaper rash and then all of the sudden, this nasty looking yeast rash! But it's bound to happen eventually, I guess! Fortunately, she never seemed bothered by it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamamammal View Post
    I'm curious about whether your LO's rash cleared up when you cut out applesauce. My 7.5mo DD has never had a real diaper rash until today - and we fed her applesauce for the first time yesterday. (Her reaction to applesauce sounds just like your LO's, too - she thought it was yucky!)

    I'm hoping it's just the applesauce and that the rash will clear up quickly.
    When I stopped giving her the applesauce, the rash did improve pretty drastically right away. However, we are still having some recurrent problems with a rash on her bottom but no where near as bad as before. I did take her to the pedi (because I'm a worrier ), and she said it was eczema on her bottom (and scattered everywhere else). I have had eczema moderately bad my whole life, so I was not surprised by this. I think we also may be dealing with a reaction to something with our cloth diapers. However, all this being said, we never had any problems with diaper rash (or any rash) until DD was 6.5 months and after we started solids. I've been laundering the diapers the same way all this time. So, I am assuming it is mostly solid-related, although not really an allergy. I think DD just has super sensitive skin (like her mommy and daddy), and all these foods have changed the pH of her output, and it's a little hard for her skin to take. I could be wrong, but that's my hunch. I will try applesauce again in the future, and I'll let you know how she tolerates it.
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