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Thread: 4 hours between daytime feeds?

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    Default 4 hours between daytime feeds?

    My LO is 3 months. Sometimes when I try to feed him every 2 hours or so, he fusses, bobs on and off, and finally spits up afterward! I don't nurse him down to nap because he is gassy, and doesn't sleep as well when I do that. However, he will sleep beyond the 3 hour mark from the start of his last feed. For example, he eats at 8:30 am, goes down for a nap at 10, and will sleep past 11:30 (the 3 hour mark) unless I wake him. I am not sure if I should wake him at the 3 hour mark? I would think that he would need the sleep and wake when ready to eat. However, when I do wake him at the 3 hour mark, he usually seems hungry enough to eat decently (sometimes he still fusses). I would think that a 3 month old would still need/want to eat every 2-3 hours during the day. He awakens 1-2 times per night, so he doesn't have days and nights confused. Is it OK for him to go 4 hours between some feeds? He is EBF, so formula isn't part of the equation. Any thoughts? His diaper output seems fine, and he is a high needs baby, so I guess he is content as he usually is ...just want to make sure I am not setting myself up for more night wakings or some other problems if I let him sleep. Is it more important for him to eat with a shorter nap or finish his nap first?

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    Given diaper output is fine, and everything else seems normal to you, I would say that everything's going fine. My son is about the same age, has a similar night pattern to yours, and there are days when he goes quite a gap between feedings during the day. I just prepare for some serious cluster feeding in the late afternoon/ early evening on those days, which is fine, because typically that means when he goes to bed, he'll sleep til 3AM before waking up for another meal.

    I just trust that he knows when he's hungry better than I do. After all, it's his body.
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