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Thread: What's your 7mo. eating & napping schedule like?

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    Default What's your 7mo. eating & napping schedule like?

    Hi everyone,
    My 7mo. daughter has started solid for a month and she's been sleeping through the night for a few months already. However, starting these few days, she would wake up in the middle of the night at around 3am, won't go back to sleep until I feed her. Does it mean she's not eating enough solid?

    Also, what's your 7mo eating and napping schedule like? Here's mine:

    9:30am BM
    11am solid (1 jar #2 fruit/veggie + 1 Tbsp dry Oatmeal Cereal mixed w/water)
    noon BM (this is new)
    12:30pm Nap
    2pm BM
    3:30pm solid (same amount as in morning solid)
    4pm Nap
    6pm BM
    7:30pm solid (same amount as in morning solid)
    8:30pm BM
    10pm BM
    10:30pm Sleep
    3am BM (this is new)

    I forgot to add that she may be teething. Does it has anything to do with night waking and need nursing to go back to sleep?

    Thanks everyone,

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    Default Re: What's your 7mo. eating & napping schedule like?

    We pretty much go with the flow as far as a schedule is concerned. We have a pretty consistent bedtime but that's because DD poops out around 7 no matter what we do. I nurse on demand all day and night (we co-sleep), and I give solids when she is in a good mood once or twice a day. I would guess your daughter is probably waking due to the teething. Teething is very uncomfortable for them and nursing is frequently done for comfort more than hunger. If your daughter is waking up only once a night while teething, I would consider that pretty awesome. My daughter was up every hour for a few weeks when she was getting her first two teeth . Hyland's teething tablets, cold washcloths for her to chew on and an occasional does of Tylenol or ibuprofen helped with the teething symptoms. I would suggest nursing on demand to make sure she is eating enough. Remember solids are not meant to replace BM for the first year!
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    Default Re: What's your 7mo. eating & napping schedule like?

    my dd used to sleep well up until about 6 months (she is 9 mo now). Teething & growth spurts can cause them to wake up more at night. My LO goes to DC during day so her schedule Typically I get her up around 6:15 am to get her ready - I change her and get her dressed and then I will nurse right afterwards so that I can leave between 6:30 & 6:45. Sometimes she will sleep in the car but normally. She will usually take a bottle of bm around 9 and then I know she has one around noon after her solids at the dc. She normally has veggies & fruits there. As far as the other times she takes her bottles there I am not sure. My sitter writes everyone down, but at this point I know how much she goes through a day and if it is drasticaly different that is when I ask. My dc provider (my dd goes to a in home dc) will always tell me when her schedule had changed with eating. In the evening my dd will always nurse w/ 30 min of getting home no matter if she just ate at dc or not. We would also have solids around 6;00 pm Then we nurse around 7:30, 9:30, where she will usually fall asleep with this nursing. Then around 10:30-11 when I am crawling in bed she will wake up to nurse again. Then we nurse regularly around 2 am, 4 am, and 5:30 am. I cannot wait for the day that she sleeps again at night! As far as her naps, she doesn't like to....... If I am lucky she will nap during the day. This week she has napped late afternoon around 4;30 (just as I am on my way to pick her up) then sometimes she will nap at hom around 5 for about 30 min. If my Lilly naps twice a day for at least 30 mins I am happy. She is too curious! Sorry so long!

    Here it is in short

    615 am wake up
    620 nurse
    645 she is at daycare
    she will take about 18 oz of bm total at dc
    also she will have veggie, fruit, & cereal
    445-5 pick her up
    530 pm nurse
    600 pm solids - veggie & fruit or I mush up something we have - no teeth yet
    730 pm nurse
    930 pm nurse / sleep
    1030-11 pm nurse then back to sleep
    2 am nurse then back to sleep
    4 am nurse then back to sleep
    530 am nurse then back to sleep
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