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Thread: How much solids for 6 month old?

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    Default How much solids for 6 month old?

    She started solids about 3 weeks ago. I know the bulk of her food is still BM/formula. Right now I give her half jar per day (approx 3 teaspoons) and she is fed once. I am sure she can eat more if I let her- she is quite an eater Should I give her the whole jar per day and split that into 2 meals (am and pm)? I notice weight gain almost immediately when she started solids and now she is such a chunk

    Also, do you give solids right after the milk or in between 2 feedings?

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    Default Re: How much solids for 6 month old?

    My LO is close in age to yours... we also just started solids recently... (although I have been giving rice cereal since about 4.5 months...) Anyway, my LO gets solids usually once at daycare, and then again in the evening. We usually give them halfway in between nursing sessions (or in-between bottles, if she's at daycare.) If I try to give solids too close to the previous nursing session, she will refuse the solids, presumably because she's not hungry. So far my LO has had (besides rice cereal) bananas, sweet potatoes (which she did not like), and this week we are on oatmeal, which she really loves so far. Maybe some of the mamas with more experience starting solids will chime in to give you more advice!

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    Default Re: How much solids for 6 month old?

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