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Thread: Kicking the crap out of me when she eats!

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    Question Kicking the crap out of me when she eats!

    What is up with this? All of a sudden she has started kicking and pushing off of my sides and arms when she is eating, at first I thought that it was because I would lay my arm over her legs, like I always have. I have not been doing this and she is still kicking me. She's not unhappy or fussy while or after eating, she just is kicking me. Is is because she has became more aware of other things going on? I thought maybe she was doing it cause the milk wasn't coming fast enough, but when I check there is still plenty of milk coming out. Just wondering.

    Also after her 2month appointment she started a clicking sound when she nurses AND when we give her bottles of EBM. I've read that it can be a bad latch, but I don't get sore. I've read that it could be an ear infection, I took her to the pedi and he said that her ears are fine. I 've heard that it could be over active letdown, but I don't think that is it either, any help?

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    Default Re: Kicking the crap out of me when she eats!

    my lo starting kicking and "pushing" off of the chair when she ate when she was about 2 months old, since then she has stopped. I cant remember when, she just did. I tried swaddling her and it help, also, I started giving her "tummy time" and letting her kick all she wanted then. I think that she may just be discovering how to control her legs and wants extra practice. Developmental control is from the head down, so she probably is just starting to figure the whole leg thing out.
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