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Thread: LO does not like baby food.

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    Default LO does not like baby food.

    My LO likes table food at almost 8months old. I mean I went to a restaurant and left her food at home. Well, I got her a side of mashed potatoes and she loved loved them. But I noticed if it is on my plate she wants it. When I give her baby food she will take a few bites and refuse to eat more. the only thing I have in the house that she can eat is cheerios and puffs.

    I am going to make baked diced apples for her tomorrow.

    What do I do? She loves feeding herself, but I think she is too young to be eatting solids. Her breakfast is oatmeal (made from organic oats I grind to a powder) and a fruit mixed up. She can not get enough. If I give her boxed rice cereal she will eat it up but then the iron is soo high she has a hard time pooping....anywho

    sorry for rambling I am just looking for more ideas on what to feed her.
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    Default Re: LO does not like baby food.

    It sounds like she's doing great with table foods. Why do you think she's too young? I don't know if this is what you're concerned about, but I know a lot of mamas are afraid to give them food they have to chew before they have lots of teeth. But their gums are really hard and they can mush food pretty well even without teeth.

    If you're looking for ideas on table foods I think at 8 mos Nora was eating lots of fruit, dry cereal, cheese, low-sodium turkey lunchmeat, whole grain toast/bread, all kinds of steamed veggies, soft-cooked chicken, rice and black beans (one of her faves).

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    Default Re: LO does not like baby food.

    None of my kids liked baby food either, they just ate what we ate!
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    Default Re: LO does not like baby food.

    My daughter (now 10mo) has been eating a wide variety of food since six months. At eight months, she was eating fish (Pacific salmon, halibut, sole, tilapia, haddock), beef, chicken, pork, egg yolks and a wide variety of fruit and veg, we're just avoiding milk products until one year.

    We've been mincing meat for more than a month, DD uses her fingers to self-feed (gives me time to make the rest of her meal, and ours). I steam all of her veg (using frozen vegetables), and use a manual food mill to process (neither she, nor I, like the bottled stuff, personal opinions , and she eats diced soft veg like avocado, cooked sweet potato. We mostly use bottled fruit (both she and I like the taste, personal opinions . I offer infant cereal with all three solid meals.

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    Default Re: LO does not like baby food.

    Hey becky.....

    My lo will eat them, but not if we are eating...we wants what ever we eat... the only thing I buy is the Gradute snacks.. Other than that he eats what we eat... He loves bananas, mangos, avacodes, apples, carrots (I get those sherdded kind for him), and plain oatmeal (yuck!)........

    Does she sit up ok? Can she pick up the food herself? Does she gag? thise are the things I look at when I started letting him eat on his own...of course I still mointor him...

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    Default Re: LO does not like baby food.

    have you heard of baby led solids? in this approach parents forego "baby foods" and give baby appropriate table foods instead. your baby is certainly old enough for lots of table foods. jult do a search either here or on google for baby led solids and you will find lots of info. it sounds like this will be a better approach for your baby!

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    Default Re: LO does not like baby food.

    Yep - solids are fun for them at this age You can even search the forums for BLS(baby led solids) info
    Here's a good stating point, that talks about good finger foods for them If you;re worried about choking, get to an infant/child CPR class yesterday and read other threads on here that differentiate between choking & gagging (the latter of which is normal )
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